I collect S frame Colt .22 semi-automatic pistols as made by Colt Firearms from 1915 to 1977. Internally at Colt's these are called the Model S, but are generally known as the Woodsman family of guns. They include the Colt .22 Target Pistol (Pre-Woodsman), Woodsman Target, Woodsman Sport, Woodsman Match Target, Challenger, Huntsman, and Targetsman. I have a strong personal preference for the pre-WWII varieties.

I have been collecting for many years, so at this stage I am primarily seeking hard to find items such as factory engraved, special order, or prototype guns; unusual paraphernalia or accessories; pre-WWII advertisements; fancy grips of pearl or ivory; or anything that is in better condition than what I already have in my collection. Generally I am not interested in buying a gun unless it is all original and very close to absolutely new condition, preferably with the original box, tools, and papers. For very rare items I may relax my standards for top condition.

ABOUT CONDITION: In the top condition ranges of a collectible gun, one or two percentage points in the original blue often makes 100% or more difference in the value. I rate conservatively, and often find that my 95% is someone else's 98 or 99%. When I say a gun is 100% (or NIB) that means absolutely as new in every way, with no blue wear, no so-called "box marks," and no damage whatsoever.

Whether buying or selling, I believe that anything less than 100% (if other than normal blue wear) requires more of a description than just a percentage. A gun that is 98% blue and 2% honest wear is much preferable to one that is 98% blue and 2% rust, pitting, or abuse.

MailboxI do not buy for resale, but if you have something for sale that I might be interested in buying for my personal collection, email me.

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Last updated on August 3, 2000