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The value and desirability of a collectible gun or related paraphernalia depends very much on the exact condition and on all parts and finish being factory original. Please provide as detailed a description as possible, to include markings, condition, history (if known), any extras (box, papers, etc.), and price required. I will get back to you with an answer or a request for additional details.
If possible, please attach a digital photo.

Requests for value estimates will generally be ignored. Such requests have nearly overwhelmed me in the past, so that I could not keep up with other feedback and conversation. I understand that Woodsman owners want to know how much their gun is worth, and I have tried to help in the past. I carefully qualified my estimates with "In the condition you describe", "Assuming all original finish," "Assuming all original parts," then the value would range from $xxx to $XXX, only to later see the gun for sale at the top end of my estimate, without any of the caveats, and with "Price based on appraisal by Woodsman Collector Bob Rayburn!"

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