Colt Woodsman
Maintenance made Easy

Many thanks to Tom Platt, otherwise known as "prewoodsman" on various gun discussion boards. Tom stated on the Colt semi-autos forum that he has some "unprinted tricks of the trade". He has since written and photographed his excellent guides and has allowed me to post them on the Internet for the benefit of all Colt Woodsman fans. He has also allowed me to reveal the real identity of "the collector previously known only as as preWoodsman."

If you have a technical question regarding the function, malfunction or tool price and availability for the Woodsman Series of pistols, Tom can be contacted directly via email Send Mail

In my 30-35 years of collecting and shooting the Colt Woodsman I have learned various small repairs by trial and error: mostly error! Some of the most vexing and common problems I have encountered have been the replacement of the recoil spring, the slide stop spring, and the trigger spring. Tom's "tricks of the trade" make those chores much easier. Following are some tips on Woodsman repair using only common tools you probably have around the house or garage.

1.Recoil Spring R&R With Common Household Tools
2. Slide Stop with common household tools
3. Trigger Removal and Replacement: 2nd and 3rd series. with common household tools
See below at "Tool #6 and Tool #10" for using tools 6 and 10 to assist in Trigger Removal and Replacement
4. Trigger installation: 1st series Woodsman and pre-Woodsman. with common household tools



The four "tricks of the trade" above can all be performed using common tools that you probably have around the house. Tom has gone on to make those chores and several others easier by designing and building some specialized tools to further simplify Colt Woodsman maintenance and repair, as illustrated below:

The following tutorials illustrate the use of the specialized tools.

Tool #1 All Models
Recoil Spring & Guide Installation and Compression
Improved Tool Update

Tool #2, All Models
Assembly Lock R&R

Tool #3
Extractor R&R 1st Series
Extractor R&R 2nd & 3rd Series

Tool #4
Magazine Disassemby and Assembly Pre & 1st Series

Tool #5
Magazine Lip Gauge and Adjustment, 1st and 2nd Series

Tool #6 and Tool #10
Trigger Spring Compression and Trigger Assembly Installation pin 2nd and 3rd Series

Tool #7 and Tool #8
Magazine Spring Compression Disassembly & Assembly 2nd Series
Magazine Spring Compression Disassembly & Assembly 3rd Series

Tool #9: All Models
Dry Fire Hammer Stop

Tool #11: All Models
Firing Pin R&R Assist Block

Visit the online version of Bob Rayburn's Colt Woodsman Collector's Guide for a guide to the Colt Woodsman family of pistols, including:
Photos and descriptions of all models, from 1915 to 1977
Short section on factory engraved guns
Tables of manufacture dates by serial number
Magazine interchangeability information with photos
Assembly/Disassembly instructions
Exploded views and parts lists
And More