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I read every message, and for years I have tried to answer every one, but the volume of email has grown to the point where I cannot possibly answer it all. I will answer what I can, but please understand if you don't receive a response.

Requests for value estimates will generally be ignored. Such requests have nearly overwhelmed me in the past, so that I could not keep up with other feedback and conversation. I understand that Woodsman owners want to know how much their gun is worth, and I have tried to help in the past. I carefully qualified my estimates with "In the condition you describe", "Assuming all original finish," "Assuming all original parts," then the value would range from $xxx to $XXX, only to later see the gun for sale at the top end of my estimate, without any of the caveats, and with "Price based on appraisal by Woodsman Collector Bob Rayburn!"

I have provided input to the Blue Book of Gun Values for several years, and as of the 2005 edition I also contribute to The Standard Catalog of Firearms. The 2006 edition has pictures of some guns from my collection on the front cover and an article I wrote for them about factory engraved Colt Woodsmans. Each of these publications is updated annually with Colt Woodsman values and descriptions based on my recommendations to the editor. The two publications are not identical, and each has certain advantages over the other. I recommend that you consult both publications and then make your own appraisal. You can order either one or both by clicking on the links below.

Standard Catalog Of Firearms
16th Edition

Standard Catalog Of Firearms,
Current Edition

Blue Book of Gun Values
Current Edition

If you order via the links on this page that will help support the cost of maintaining this Woodsman web site, while the cost to you will be exactly the same as if you ordered directly. Your help will be appreciated.

If you do not feel qualified to do your own appraisal with the aid of these books, Blue Book Publications will do a written appraisal for you for only $20. There are links on their web site to their appraisal service. They also have experts available to answer specific questions about almost any type of gun for a small fee.

There are some general guidelines for value determination in my Colt Woodsman Pocket Guide at: Value Factors

This is a private web site. I am a serious collector of the Colt Woodsman, but I am in no way affiliated with Colt Firearms, Inc. I do not have access to the factory records or to the history of any particular firearm.

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