Colt Factory Engraved Woodsman Sport Model

Factory Engraved 1936 Woodsman Sport Model
Top of slide
DETAIL: top of slide
Top of barrel
DETAIL: top of barrel
Front strap
DETAIL: front grip strap

This Woodsman, serial number 101992, is one of only about a dozen pre-WWII Sport Models to be factory engraved. According to a 1983 letter from Colt Historian Marty Huber, the pistol was first shipped on loan account to the F. A. Budge Co., of Miami Florida on November 6, 1936. Then, according to Mr. Huber:

"Records also show the return of the firearm to the factory and re-shipped on Loan Account to Lore J. Eppinger, Inc., of Detroit, Michigan, March 19, 1938. Loan Account to Anderson & Ireland, Baltimore, MD., on March 17, 1938, and finally to Murta Appleton Co., Philadelphia, PA on May 5, 1938. A well traveled gun evidentally used by the Colt Company as a display piece."
It is in near perfect condition, and is 100% original. It has been in my personal collection since 1985.

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