Special Order Medium Barrel First Series Sport

Left side view Right side view

This early pre-WWII Woodsman Sport Model has the medium barrel, and was special ordered with 3# trigger and special finish. The special finish consists of bead blasted top surfaces, which would not become standard until the introduction of the "Dual Tone" finish in 1947. It also has factory checkered front and rear grip straps.

Top view

Front Strap Back Strap

It is 100% "as new", in the original box, with the box and target serial numbered to the gun.

In Box

Notice the gun pictured on the instruction sheet. This is a "Phantom Variant" of the Woodsman that never actually existed. It was created when Colt modified an earlier pencil barrel pre-Woodsman picture by adding the words "THE WOODSMAN" on the left side of the receiver. They eventually created a whole new picture with the correct barrel, correct receiver markings, and correct slide markings.

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