Factory Nickel Plated Match Target Woodsman

According to the Colt factory letter this very rare Colt was shipped from the factory on November 1, 1955 as one of an order of two special order nickel plated Match Target Woodsmans. It was shipped to the Thompson-Diggs Co, Fresno, CA. It is in new condition, with the original box and papers. The usual blued guns of this period had black plastic stocks, but both guns in this order had white plastic stocks to go with the nickel finish.

The only other known shipment of factory nickel plated 3rd series Woodsmans prior to the end of regular production was on Dec 19, 1955. That was an order of three Match Target Models with ivory stocks, and was shipped to Mr. Justin Dart, President of the Rexall Drug Store chain. Click here to see one from that shipment.

Created on ... July 15, 2004