Case 6, shelf B:
    Double S Serial Numbers
    Colt restarted serial numbers in 1969 with a zero prefix, beginning with 001001S. In 1976 numbers reached 099,999S, rolled over to 100,000S and reached 101,336S before someone noticed that the numbers from 100,000S and up were duplicating numbers used in 1951-52. To salvage the 1336 guns already finished and numbered, Colt simply hand stamped an S prefix to the serial number, thereby creating the "Double S" guns. All known examples are Huntsmans, and the vast majority of those have a 6 inch barrel.
  1. Serial number S100xxxS (Mfg. 1976): "Double S" Huntsman, 6 inch barrel.
  2. Serial number S101xxxS (Mfg. 1976): "Double S" Huntsman, 4-1/2 inch barrel.
    For privacy purposes, the final three digits of the serial numbers have been replaced with xxx.

    Model S Master
    Four hundred cased and gold etched pistols called the "Model S Master" were produced by Colt in 1983 - six years after regular production had ceased. Built on frames already stamped Huntsman, but fitted with Woodsman features like an automatic slide stop and Elliason sights, the end product bore Huntsman markings but more closely resembled the Woodsman Sport Model. Because this was basically a parts cleanup run, three different barrel/sight combinations were used. The frames used covered a very broad range of serial numbers, spanning tens of thousands of numbers, so consecutive serial numbers are uncommon. Each of the three variations is displayed here, on pistols with three consecutive serial numbers.
  3. Serial number 316567S: Woodsman barrel, Target front sight.
  4. Serial number 316568S: Huntsman barrel and front sight.
  5. Serial number 316569S: Woodsman barrel, Sport front sight.
    In putting this set of three together I bought each one in a different part of the country, and successfully drew to an inside straight for the third one!

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