Case 5, shelf A: Woodsmans of Famous Shooters
  1. Match Target Woodsman serial number MT220 was shipped in 1938 to LtCol (later Major General) Julian Hatcher. General Hatcher was a well known firearms authority, author of numerous publications, including has authoritative Hatcher's Notebook, and a long time technical editor of the American Rifleman.

    This Woodsman, along with its orginal box and accessories, was pictured on the cover of the February, 1986 issue of Guns magazine.

  2. This Woodsman, serial number 123216, was formerly in the personal collection of Rudy Etchen. Mr. Etchen was a long time director of the NRA and, according to Col. Charles Askins and others, the world's greatest shotgunner. Mr. Etchen also did phenomenal pistol shooting of airborne targets.

  3. This Woodsman, serial number 102085, was converted by Col. (then Captain) Charles Askins to .221 Askins Center Fire. He then used it in winning the national pistol championship in 1937. Col. Askins later traded the pistol to Col. Rex Applegate, who kept it in his collection of "Guns of Famous Shooters" until his death.

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