Case 2, shelf B: Military Models
  1. Match Target serial number MT3xxx: Mfg. 1939· 1 of only 8 engraved with: US COAST GUARD
  2. Match Target serial number MT3xx: Mfg. 1938· Crossed Keys of Navy Ship's Store
  3. Match Target serial number MT13xxx: Mfg. 1943· Shipped to US Navy· Ordnance Wheel Marked
  4. Match Target serial number MT15xxx: Mfg. 1943· Shipped to US Army· US PROPERTY Marked
  5. Target Model serial number 154xxx: Mfg. 1942· Rock Island Arsenal Rework· Marked USO 3005
  6. Sport Model serial number 130xxx-S: Mfg. 1953· One of 1250 sold on USMC contract· Marked: USMC PROPERTY
  7. Match Target serial number 9x-S: Mfg. 1947· One of 50 sold USMC· Marked USMC PROPERTY
  8. Target Model serial number 65xxx-S: Mfg. 1949· 6" Barrel, Special Features· One of 925 sold to USAF for use in Arctic Survival Kits.

For privacy purposes, the final digits of the serial numbers have been replaced with the letter x.

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