Case 1, shelf D: The vast majority of Colt Woodsmans were blued, but a small number were nickel plated.
  1. Third Series Match Target, 6 inch barrel, serial number 161xxx-S. One of three nickel plated Match Target Woodsmans with ivory grips made by Colt on special order for Mr. Justin Dart, President of the Rexall Drug Store chain, in 1955.
  2. First Series Match Target, serial number MT6xxx. Factory records indicate it was one of one in a special order, but does not say what was special about it. Indicates finish is Bl, which is the same entry routinely made on other prewar guns.
  3. Third Series Target, serial number 069xxxS.
  4. Huntsman (third series) 6 inch barrel, serial number 063xxxS.
  5. Third Series Match Target, 4-1/2 inch barrel, serial number 300xxxS.
  6. Huntsman (third series) 4-1/2 inch barrel, serial number 062xxxS.
  7. Third Series Sport, serial number 314xxxS.
  8. Targetsman (third series), serial number 308xxxS.

For privacy purposes, the final three digits of the serial numbers have been replaced with xxx.

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