Second Series Colt Woodsman

Match Target Model with 4-1/2" barrel illustrated. Also came with 6" barrel. The 2nd series Sport and Target model use the same internal parts as the 2nd series Match Target of the same vintage. There are differences within the second series, however, and not all parts will interchange with earlier or later 2nd series guns. This is especially true with grips and sights.

I am not in the parts business. I have been selling off the excess that I accumulated over the years in building my collection, and most of my extra parts have already been sold. Only those few parts with an asterisk (*) in the listing (to the right of the photos below) may be available. All the rest (those in RED) are not available.

. Pricing will depend on whether the part is new or used, and, if used, on condition. All parts that I have are Colt originals unless otherwise stated, and all are sold with satisfaction guaranteed or you can return the part for a refund of the purchase price.

2nd Match Target, Short Barrel

50002 Barrel (Sport Model)
50006 Magazine Catch       
50007 Magazine Catch Lock  
50008 Magazine Catch Spring
50010 Main Spring	         
50011 Main Spring Cap		    
50012 Main Spring Cap Pin		
50013* Main Spring Housing (Sport Model and Target Model)
50015 Sear Pin		          	
50017 Trigger Pin          
50019 Assembly Lock        
50020* Assembly Lock Plunger
50021 Extractor		          
50022 Firing Pin		         
50023 Firing Pin Spring	   
50024* Firing Pin Stop	     
50025 Recoil Spring		      
50026 Recoil Spring Guide	
50027* Slide	
Some of the slides that I have are complete with rear sight and internal parts; others are slide only - no sight, no internals. Some have the Coltmaster sight, some have the Accro sight. I will not remove sights from slides to sell them separately. 	              
50031 Ejector	             
50032 Ejector Pin	
50033 Ejector Plunger		
50034 Ejector Spring
50035* Hammer	          
50036 Hammer Strut     
50037 Hammer Strut Pin	
50038 Safety Lock	     
50042 Sear		           
50043 Lanyard Pin
50044* Sear Spring	     
50045 Side Plate	      
50049 Trigger	         
50050 Trigger Bar	     
50051 Trigger Spring		
50052* Grip Adapter, Large
50053* Grip Adapter, Small
50054 Grip Adapter Screw
Grip adapters come in three colors and two sizes. The earliest ones were made of a solid, formica like material and are multicolored (Type A). The next version was injection molded plastic, and also multicolored (Type B). The final version was also injection molded plastic, and brown in color (Type C). I have type A in large size only, type B in large only, and type C in both sizes. Any of them will fit, but you will probably want to order the type that matches your grips. The grip adapter screw comes in one size only, and will work with either size grip adapter. It also serves as the filler screw when no grip adapter is installed. I do not have any grip adapters screws, but you probably don't need one if your filler screw is still in place.

The grip adapters that I have are all original Colt manufactured, in new condition (New, Old Stock).

50056 Sight Blade Front .100", Target Model		      
50057 Sight Blade Front .125", Target Model
50058 Sight Blade Front .100", Sport Model	
2nd Series Parts Diagram

50059 Sight Blade Front .125', Sport Model
50060 Sight Blade Pin	         
50061 Magazine - 10 Shot 
50064 Magazine Spring		       
50080 } Stocks (Match Target and  
50139 }       Target Model)        
50080 } Stocks (Sport Model) 
50089 Stock Screw Nut  
50090 Magazine - 5 Shot            
50091 Magazine Spring Guide, 5 Shot (not illustrated) 
50093 Barrel (Target Model)	  
50096* Barrel (Match Target 6 inch)
50696 Barrel (Match Target 4-1/2 inch) 	
I have a few extra barrels. Please check my postwar barrel page for availability.
Third series barrels will fit the second series guns, and are identical except for the markings. 

50101 Main Spring Housing (Match Target)	 		                 
50102 Sight Blade, Front .100", Match Target
50103 Sight Blade, Front .125", Match Target
50107 Side Plate Screw       
50108 Slide Stop               
50109 Slide Stop Spring             
50113 Magazine Follower (not illustrated)       
50114 Magazine Follower Stud              
50115 Magazine Spring Guide, 10 Shot (not illustrated)       
50124 Sight Rear .100" (Coltmaster)
51266 Sight Rear .100" (Accro)                      
50126 Sight Elevation Detent         
50127 Sight Elevation Detent Spring 
50127 Sight Leaf Spring   
50128 Sight Elevation Screw  
50130 Sight Leaf Pin                
50132 Sight Rear .125" 
51266 Sight Rear .125" (Accro, not shown. 
Used on late 2nd series, 1953-1955) 50134 Sight Windage Screw Assembly 50135 Sight Windage Detent 50136 Sight Windage Detent Spring 50137 Sight Windage Screw