First Series Colt Woodsman

Target Model illustrated. First Series Sport Model is the same, and uses all the same parts, except for a shorter barrel. The first series Match Target, or "Bullseye" model, uses most of the same internal parts as the Sport or Target model, but there are a few exceptions. There are also differences within the same models of the first series, and not all parts will interchange with earlier or later first series guns.

I am not in the parts business. I have been selling off the excess that I accumulated over the years in building my collection, and most of my extra parts have already been sold. Only those few parts with an asterisk (*) in the listing (to the right of the photos below) may be available. All the rest (those in RED) are not available.

All parts that I have are Colt originals unless otherwise stated. Some are new, others are used but serviceable. Pricing will depend on whether the part is new or used, and, if used, on condition.

1st Series Target 1. Receiver
2. Barrel, Standard 6-1/2 inch
*2a.     Barrel, 4-1/2 inch 
*2b.     Barrel, 6-1/2 inch, slab sided for 1st series Match Target
3.	Slide
4.	Ejector
5.	Ejector Pin
6.	Extractor
7.	Extractor Plunger
8.	Extractor Spring
9.	Firing Pin
10.	Firing Pin Spring
11.	Firing Pin Stop Screw
12.	Hammer
13.	Hammer Strut
14.	Hammer Strut Pin
15.	Assembly Look Plunger
16.	Housing Locking Pin
17.	Magazine Catch and Sear Spring Complete
19.	Magazine Follower
20.	Magazine Follower Pin
22.	Magazine Spring

*23.	Magazine, complete
I have only a few first series magazines remaining. Pricing will depend on whether the magazine is new or used, and, if used, on condition. Several slightly different magazines were used in the first series Woodsman, and they will interchange, but a knowledgeable collector will know the difference. For a collector's item "correctness" will be important; for a shooter, probably not so much.

24.	Main Spring
25.	Main Spring Cap
26.	Main Spring Cap Pin
27.	Main Spring Housing (for standard
velocity ammo only)
1st Series Parts Diagram
28.	Assembly Lock
30.	Recoil Spring
31.	Recoil Spring Guide
32.	Safety Lock
33.	Sear
34.	Sear Pin
36.	Side Plate
37.	Side Plate Screw
38.	Stock - right
*39. Stock - left
40.	Stock Screw
*41. 	Escutcheons
43.	Trigger (grooved)
44,	Trigger Bar
45.	Trigger Pivot
46.	Trigger Spring
47.	Rear Sight, complete
53.	Front Sight Blade (Specify bead 
or Patridge, to match the rear sight) 54. Front Sight Pin 55. Front Sight Adjusting Screw 56. Front Sight Adjusting Spring 57, Front Sight Locking Screw